Cafe Olympia 55Specializing in panini, sandwiches, sushi and Asian cuisine.

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6 reviews | 353 orders

This. Place. Is. Awesome! The food was delicious (I had a panini that blew my mind And my tummy *twas amazing) and the delivery was prompt. I even noticed a mistake (canned soda instead of bottle) and they made sure to correct it! They weren't upset when I called about it; rather, they just made it right. and they did so Right Away. :) I will absolutely be ordering this more often for lunch.


4 reviews | 63 orders

Always great service, quick delivery, awesome food.


1 reviews | 473 orders

Cafe Olympia is absolutely amazing! They have a great selection of all different types of food and also lots of healthy options. They're also always trying new food stations with various cuisines.

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664 Lexington Ave
New York NY, 10022
(212) 355-8383